Jersey Craft Beer By The Numbers

The Garden State is famous for its tomatoes, its beaches and its Turnpike. But New Jersey’s craft brewers give those other claims to fame a run for their money, with innovative, award-winning Jersey Fresh brews, fun brewhouse tours and a big boost to the state’s economy. Take that, tomatoes!

68 Craft breweries in New Jersey. 

43 Craft breweries in planning (expected to open in the next 2 years).

24 Ranking of New Jersey among all states in total breweries per capita. (We’ve got room to grow!)

9,560 Jobs provided by the craft beer industry in New Jersey. 

4,500,000 Pounds of spent brewers grain recycled annually to New Jersey farmers for high-quality animal feed.

19,825,616 Pints of beer brewed by New Jersey craft breweries in 2015.

$1,236,000,000 Economic impact of craft beer in New Jersey.

25 Medals won by New Jersey craft breweries at the Great American Beer Festival.

5 Springsteen songs that mention beer. (New Jersey was Born to Brew!)