The Garden State Craft Brewers Guild is an association made up of breweries and affiliated groups banning together to form a voice for craft beer in New Jersey. Our goal is to promote craft brewing in New Jersey by means of education, special events, and other social, civic and economic initiatives while ensuring that we, as a collective, are also represented and hears by legislatures. The Guild also works closely with its lobbyist, Kaufman Zita Group to ensure that our voice is represented, and that voice is heard.

The Guild brings together everyone that represents craft beer in New Jersey. Through its meetings, help up to eight times a year at various brewpubs and breweries throughout the state, members have a chance to discuss, network and socialize with others in the same industry, Meetings are a chance for as many breweries and associated members to gather and discuss the current status of the craft beer industry as it relates to New Jersey. Members also have a chance to get answers to questions by others with experience, or get together to plan collaborations, events and many other opportunities and relationships that may form.